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 Guide to Role Play Verse

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PostSubject: Guide to Role Play Verse   Fri Sep 02, 2016 8:35 pm

Welcome to Role Play Verse. This is a site dedicated to intelligent Role Play of all styles. RPV includes Forums, OOC Chat, and RP Chat. All this can be accessed from the Home page. This is a basic guide and description of the site. Further information will be provided in the General Information Category.
The RP Verse Forums:
RPV forums are centered around the Moonlit City and its surroundings. The Moonlit City itself, the surrounding Wildlands, and Abyssus, or Hell, are all described in detail in their Forums, as are various locations within them.
There are two sections, [Ancient] and {Advanced}. These represent very broad time eras, so use logic. Do Not RP a character in the wrong time section.
You may post at the very minimum five lines, unless specified in the forum or thread you're posting in.
Combat is restricted to the Combat sections, and the Damnatorum.
Faction Territories are the bases of that Faction, a forum moderated by the Faction Leader. These can be located geographically anywhere in or around the Moonlit City.
OOC Chat:
OOC Chat is a simple chat room for conversation. No serious RP can be done here. Please remain civil whenever possible, don't spam, and be respectful of each other.
RP Chat:
RP Chat consists of three main rooms, The Lounge, and RP Rooms 1 and 2. You may however create your own room and add a password if you so wish. It is important to note that all RP chat requires to sign in is a nickname, making it very easy to impersonate someone who doesn't have a registered chat name. This is also a ban-able offense. Please mail the Admin with a desired user name and password to register a chat name for yourself. It is also recommended that you add your chat name to your profile. A list of registered chat names and their RPV IDs can be found in the General Information Forum.
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Guide to Role Play Verse
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